General Dentistry

Even with excellent preventative care, our oral health still needs general dentistry interventions to prevent any future problems from developing. Dr. Lineberry and our staff are skilled and capable at identifying potential areas of concern before they become a problem. We create unique and personalized care plans to help you maintain your healthy smile.

Maintaining Healthy Gums

Gum disease, tooth decay, and other problems can happen to anyone, even with a thorough oral hygiene routine. Providing options for tooth fillings, tooth extractions, and periodontal disease interventions is a cornerstone of our comprehensive, holistic approach to dental care.

Exams and cleanings are the first step in periodontal (gum) maintenance. With regular exams, our staff at Carolina Center for Comprehensive Dentistry can provide general dentistry treatments for gum related issues. While gum disease cannot be completely reversed, it can be stopped, making it especially important to identify gum disease early and halt its damaging progress. Our office uses the most advanced dental technologies and practices to diagnose and prevent the spread of gum disease.

We offer Root Planing and Scaling to control the growth of harmful bacteria in and around the gum line. Scaling and Root Planing remove plaque and bacteria in areas where regular brushing and professional cleanings miss to help prevent the progress of periodontal disease.

Minimizing Tooth Decay

Tooth decay, if left unchecked and untreated, can cause serious problems as well as infection, pain and discomfort. Stopping tooth decay is important for your oral health as well. With regular exams and our unique approach to comprehensive dental care, we’ll work with you to design a treatment plan that stops decay before it becomes painful problem. For tooth fillings or tooth extractions we offer several options including direct fillings and indirect fillings. We also offer multiple choices for filling materials and will choose treatment options suited for your unique needs and lifestyle.

Preventative Dentistry  Mooresville, NC

Preventative Dentistry

We love to work one-on-one with our patients to create a preventative care program for maintaining healthy teeth, gums, and bones of the mouth. We strive to help you prevent the onset, progress, and recurrence of dental disease and conditions.

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Cleanings And Exams  Mooresville, NC

Cleanings And Exams

Twice per year a professional cleaning will help prevent a number of possible oral health issues. Our warm and friendly staff is here to make you as comfortable as possible and provide top quality, patient centered care.

Regular checkups and dental exams are the cornerstone of excellent oral health. Visit us twice a year for a thorough exam from Dr. Lineberry. Our practice is committed to continued education for us and for you, about your dental hygiene and care.

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Teeth Whitening  Mooresville, NC

Teeth Whitening

We can help brighten your smile with several options. Give us a call today! Phone: (704) 799-2703.

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Fillings  Mooresville, NC


Composite fillings act as a dentistry solution for problems such as tooth decay or cracks. A composite filling is a tooth-colored plastic and glass mixture used to restore decayed teeth. This procedure is also utilized for cosmetic improvements of the smile by fixing any discoloration or reshaping any disfigured teeth.

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Sealants  Mooresville, NC


Sealants are an excellent preventative for tooth decay on the chewing surfaces of back teeth. We can apply sealants to permanent molars or even pre-molars where necessary to prevent bacteria and food from collecting in the grooves and pits of teeth. Sealants are nearly 100% effective in preventing tooth decay in these areas if done correctly.

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TMJ Treatment  Mooresville, NC

TMJ Treatment

At Carolina Center for Comprehensive Dentistry, we are proud to offer temporomandibular joint dysfunction, otherwise known as TMJ, treatments to provide relief for our patients. TMJ is caused by an inflammation in the temporomandibular joint, which acts as a sliding hinge that connects your jawbone to your skull.

What are the symptoms of TMJ?
TMJ causes pain and discomfort along the jawbone and can make it painful to even move your jaw. While jaw pain and discomfort don’t always equate to TMJ, if you are also experiencing headaches, trouble chewing, or pain in the face, jaw, and ear, you’re more than likely experiencing TMJ.

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Sleep Apnea  Mooresville, NC

Sleep Apnea

People who have sleep apnea never get the rest that they deserve. They have trouble breathing which constantly wakes them up throughout the night. Many people who have sleep apnea have multiple health problems. They are always exhausted. Being tired can affect people at home and at work. They may be miserable and have trouble concentrating. Sleep apnea can also affect their blood pressure, making them more likely to have strokes. There is a big risk with anesthesia since they have trouble breathing.  In many cases, a sleep appliance is a great option to help with this condition.

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