about our dental office  Mooresville, NC

Our practice helps you connect your oral care to your overall health for a better life and greater confidence in your smile. We offer extensive knowledge, skilled training and the latest in dental technology. Using a holistic approach to dentistry, we take into consideration your unique needs and lifestyle for results you can rely on. We are leaders in cosmetic and restorative dentistry. And we continually seek opportunities to stay at the top of the dental industry, passing our knowledge onto you with friendly, customized oral care.

The Values of Our Office

The Carolina Center for Comprehensive Dentistry values Quality, Respect, Openness, Education, Individuality and Improvement in all areas of its practice.

QUALITY – The best results are only achieved by providing quality care at all times.
RESPECT – We explore oral care and overall health, always with respect, never judgement.
OPENNESS – Focusing on whole body health requires the building of open, honest relationships.
EDUCATION – We are dedicated to the continuous education of ourselves and our patients.
IMPROVEMENT – Our ultimate goal resides in improving lives, from our staff and services to our patients.
INDIVIDUALITY – We celebrate the uniqueness of each other and the impact that individual needs have
on one’s overall health.